Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Freedom

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

As a Kansas native, The Wizard of Oz is a very familiar story. Let’s use Dorothy’s journey as an example of your success.

The wicked witch represents your trauma, wounds, limiting beliefs, etc. She is the metaphor for what holds you back, for what keeps you from connecting to your more authentic Self, seeing and embracing who you truly are, which is a divine, gifted being of Light. The witch is why you hold back, what motivates your unhealthy choices, and the belief that you can’t/don’t receive the bounty that life has to offer.

The yellow brick road represents your life’s journey to self-discovery. No matter what route you take, self-help, spirituality, professional therapy, the path of self-awareness leads to healing, growth, and liberation. You release fears, negative beliefs, and patterns and gain confidence, trust, peace, and joy. As you travel along the yellow brick road, you connect with your divine essence, your true Self.

The scarecrow represents wisdom, your inner knowing, your intuition/gut feeling. Each of us has inner guidance telling us what is right and wrong, true or false, and what is for your highest good. Your intuition is always right. The key is recognizing it, interpreting it, and applying the information. Allow your intuition to guide you and receive instant solutions and answers, better results, more happiness, and success.

Your level of intuition is directly related to your level of fear. In other words, the more you trust your intuition and yourself, the more loudly and clearly it will work for you. As you travel the yellow brick road of healing, growth, and liberation, you will trust yourself and, therefore, your intuition more and more, and life will flow with more ease.

The tin-man represents the heart. Empathy, compassion, seeking to understand, and forgiveness are aspects of the heart. As you travel the yellow brick road, your empathy, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for Self deepen, and as a result, it deepens for others. Your capacity to give and receive love expands as your capacity to connect to your divinity.

The lion represents courage. It takes courage to walk the yellow brick road. Facing your fears, trauma, and limiting beliefs can be scary and painful. Acknowledging that you are a brilliant, talented human can feel arrogant, uncomfortable, and flat out wrong. However, as you walk the road, you release what keeps you from connecting to your divine essence, that spark of Light that is within you.

The flying monkeys represent all those nuisances that interfere with your progress and happiness, such as your monkey mind, negative or ruminating thoughts, self-doubt, self-pity, martyr, and fear.

The munchkins represent your support system such as, your friends, family, therapist, spiritual guides, angels who walk beside you on this path of healing and self-discovery.

The wizard represents the illusion, the lie we tell ourselves about who holds power. We think we need outside sources or people to save us, heal us, bring us the happiness, love, success that we seek. We put so much effort and energy into looking outside ourselves. Sure we need support along our journey, but ultimately it is up to us.

Finally, the ruby slippers represent TRUTH, the truth that YOU hold all of the power. You are the solution. All you need is within YOU. You are DIVINE. Once you accept your ruby slippers, you will slay the witch and keep the monkeys at bay. You will be open to receive all the bounty that life has to offer and see it manifest in your life.

So as you traverse your yellow brick road, note each of these symbols and how they apply to you personally on your journey. Where are you on your path? Who have you encountered? Step on the road if you haven’t already and claim your ruby slippers. Claim your power, your bounty, and your divinity. You are worthy!

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