The Season of Disruption

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

Hi friends!

I have been wondering what to write as well as what to talk about in this week’s Live. I was also wondering if I should even write anything right now or even do the live this week because life has been SO chaotic with constant unexpected challenges and disruptions, adapting to the resulting changes, leaving little opportunity for routine therefore feeling frustrated, unproductive and confused as what to do next at any given moment. I know that sentence sounds exhausting but that is how I feel! Sound familiar?? 

So I’m going to talk about me a little… not to make it all about me but because it seems many of us are experiencing a similar cycle. In my stuff, you may see your stuff. You may get context and understanding for things you are going through. You may not feel so crazy. You may see yourself in me as we are all mirrors to each other.  

2020 was the universal year of the unexpected. That goes without saying. The sudden changes and turmoil covid caused made the usual stuff of life even more complex. Don’t you agree? The constant changes have created disruptions even in the things we did to manage the stress of change!

Here are some of mine: in July, my mother, who lives in Wichita, was diagnosed with an aggressive yet treatable cancer. I made numerous 16-hour road trips to be with her and have been in a state of fear of losing her as we are very close. She beat the cancer only to die unexpectedly last month of sepsis.  

Also, last month, my spiritual counselor/coach nearly died and is still in the hospital. Another central person of love and support in my life out of commission, and the program we were creating to launch nationwide came to a halt. I’m happy to say he is on solid ground now for recovery.

Finally, I have a health issue that needs attention. It’s likely more of a nuisance than anything, but it still needs to be addressed in an invasive way. Yes, more delays in finding a routine. 

In addition, we ALL have relationship issues coming to the surface that we must face. It must be either healed once and for all otherwise, it is time for some big decisions. For me, the healing is happening, but sheesh, it ain’t easy!

Can you relate to this? Does any part of this sound familiar to you?  

Here is my conclusion: Let yourself off the hook. All we can do is what we can do in each moment. Don’t put pressure on yourself if something doesn’t get done. I know for me, my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders right now anyway so there is only so much I can do effectively, if even at all. Self-care and staying grounded are SO important right now. Let that be your priority, as it may be the only routine you can create at this time. I am currently adding more to my practice of grounding and connecting to spirit as I need it, even more, these days. Lean on your support system. That may have changed some lately, too but reach out, even if it is just to laugh a bit. 

Things won’t always be in this much upheaval at one time, but many of us are experiencing this season. The new normal is unexpected change to some degree, so learning to live with the chaos and become more comfortable with it will help navigate it with a little more ease. And finally, be more kind to everyone whose path you cross, for you never know what battle they are fighting. If everyone does this, you too, will receive more kindness in return.

Sending huge love and big hugs to all of you. I’d love to hear your stories, so please comment, message me or email me at Julie@JulieFarha.com.

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