Become Self Sovereign

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

We are creating a new world. Yeah, I know that sounds very abstract, but it is true, and you will see evidence of it very soon. Letting go of the old and creating the new, while exciting, can be very daunting and destabilizing. Becoming self-sovereign is critical at this juncture.

The definition of sovereign is “one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere”. In this case, the sphere I am referring to is YOU. Sovereignty means “being free from external control.” Sovereignty over your mind, emotions, energy field, health, finances, spiritual gifts, truth, fears, happiness, and success so that you are the author of your life because external forces have less influence. Being self-sovereign makes you more responsible, accountable, and generous. It may sound scary or even impossible, but I assure you it isn’t!! It is a beautiful journey to becoming the author of your life and your world.

In this new world, we will be relying less on institutions and more on each other. Community, as I have always said, is how we will survive and thrive. As you become more sovereign over yourself, you will be better positioned to support others such as family, friends, neighbors, strangers; to live in a community mindset of giving and receiving, doing what is good for the whole and not just the one. That is when the magic starts to happen. EVERYONE starts to thrive because they are operating from more of a place of trust, confidence, and abundance and less a place of lack, fear, and “getting what is mine”.  

Self-sovereignty is not self-focused or selfish. It is becoming a master of one’s self and one’s life. It is self-mastery. Mastery doesn’t mean that you get it perfect every single and never have an issue again. It means you are aware of when you are misaligned and have the tools to realign more quickly. Bumps have less impact. Life runs more smoothly. You have more joy because you are freer of your self-imposed limitations and reliance on others to give you what you need. We experience so much frustration and stress by needing others to do ‘X’ to get the ‘Y’ that we need. That puts us into control mode for fear of not having our needs met. When you are on the path of self-mastery, you meet your own needs more, plus your needs become simplified.

All of this creates more space for the Law of Reciprocity to be in play. You get what you give, literally and metaphorically. If you are more self-sovereign, you are more giving to others because you aren’t fighting for what you need. You know you are ok and can experience the abundance that comes from helping others with your time, money, resources, friendship, whatever is required.

When you are sovereign over your mind and emotions, it keeps you out of fear mode, and that alone changes your reality. Life is created from within, not externally. The world you create for yourself impacts the society and world in which you live. Can you see the benefits of becoming more self-sovereign?

The tools are within you to do this. I promise. All you need to do is to access them or expand on what you have already accessed. My new course, “You Are the Tool… Personalized Strategies for Success” will give you what you need to start your journey.

What it is:

4 module course to become sovereign over your Self and your Life to have more success, abundance, peace, and ease. In this program, you will learn how to become your own tool to build the life you desire for yourself, your community, and your world.

How it works:

Each module is interactive and will provide information and techniques to build your own tool kit. You will also receive an energy activation to allow you to connect to the concepts and expand upon them.

Why you need it:

To be happy, peaceful, fearless, successful, centered. To connect with your Divine nature. To create a world of community, compassion and abundance.

Join me for a FREE overview to explain all 4 modules and assess where you are in your own journey with each one. You will have an opportunity to receive personal insight from me too! Space is limited for this Zoom class. Wednesday, May 19th 5:30pm PST. Contact me for details and to sign up! Julie@JulieFarha.com.

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