An Exploration of Prayer

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

Do you pray? If so, how do you pray? What is your intention behind it? To whom or what do you pray? If you don’t pray, why not? Does it seem pointless or meaningless? Or just something religious people do because they are supposed to follow some rules?

According to the dictionary, this is the definition of prayer:

  1. A reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship.
  2. An act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving.

Typically, this is in the form of spoken words, songs, or readings that are often inspired by religious teachings.

Here is another approach to prayer for you to consider. This is based upon my own belief and practice of prayer. As always, take what resonates and toss what doesn’t. 

Under this approach, God/Source/Creator isn’t an old man sitting on a puffy cloud but is energy, the highest vibration that exists. Remember, everything is energy. Science and Albert Einstein agreed. Here’s how this works for prayer: When praying, you are calling in this energy, the highest frequency that exists, into you, into another person or situation. In doing so, you lift the frequency of you, the person, or the situation. As we raise frequency, even for a time, we feel better and lighter, we have clear thinking and it illuminates truth and solutions. Prayer brings the Light into you which lifts you and it shines a light on situations to bring out of the darkness.

Try this: Sit quietly and take a few breaths. Then call in God’s presence to fill you and surround you. Or call in the Light to fill you and surround you. Use these words or choose your own: “I call in the Light to fill me and surround me” Say it over and over. Ask that it flow down through your feet. In doing so, you are calling the highest vibration that exists into you and therefore lifting your own vibration at that moment. 

Think of it this way (using arbitrary numbers here): say you are vibrating at a frequency of 3, and you pray which lifts your vibration lifts to a 5. Again, this is an illustration to make a point. But if you are open to this and allow it, you will feel different. Your mind will calm and your body will relax. Eventually, clarity will come. Sometimes I pray in my mind while in my car, at the gym, while having a difficult conversation, or in a challenging situation. It really works!!

Ariel Hardy is an energy healer I have known for years. She sees/feels energies in a concrete way which is how she is able to clear people’s energy fields and bring them back to the center. If I am dealing with a difficult issue, she sometimes says to me “I can tell you have been praying on this”. She was a guest on episode #2 of Woo News www.woonews.tv and I asked her to explain how she knows this because it always fascinated me. To summarize, we all have a vortex of energy/chakra at the top of our head, aka the crown of our head. When we pray, that vortex of the crown chakra is wide open and expanded and she can see this. As we pray, as we call in the frequency of God/Source/Creator and the Light, we are bringing that energy into us through our crown. Cool, huh? For more info about Ariel and her work: https://arielenergyhealer.com Instagram: @ariel.energyhealer

So, if you pray already note what is happening energetically as you speak or sing your prayer. Pay attention to how you feel, notice your heart opening and your mood lifting. If you have been resistant to prayer because you have a preconceived notion based on structured beliefs, try this approach and see it as working with high-frequency energies and not catering to dogma. 

Call the Light into you, into a person, situation, community, or nation in crisis which brings the energy of peace, calm, and clarity. Call it into governments, institutions, industries, and agencies to raise the frequency to instigate practices of honesty, integrity, and truth. Lift our world and humanity with the Light brings in more love, harmony, and ease of living.

Prayer lifts you and those you pray for. It raises the collective frequency which is more helpful than you can possibly imagine. Give it a try and let me know what you experience!

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