Your Most Important Job

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

A lot is changing in our world. Some changes are by choice, some by necessity, and some may be difficult to process. But it is happening, and more is on the horizon. 

We already see some disruption; it’s ultimately for necessary changes, and fear can come. Change brings fear of the unknown and confusion about what is taking place and possibly cognitive dissonance. You may feel helpless amid this unique time, but you have an essential role to play in this critical time.

Our job is to hold the Light. What does that mean? It means doing everything you can to keep your vibration high out of fear. We have to stay steady and grounded and not fearful— why? Holding the Light stabilizes our energy. The more we remain centered in the eye of the storm, the more others will too.

How do you hold the Light?

1. Get a grounding, clearing, and connecting practice to stay more centered and out of the drama. Some ideas include meditation, prayer, breath work, yoga, burning sage, or white copal. Move your body with exercise, dancing, and walking. Drink lots of good water. Dowsing is also a good tool for clearing.

2. Do what you have to do to stay out of fear. Be mindful of what information you consume via news, social media, the internet, friends, and family. Be informed but don’t play into the drama or buy into the negativity. These things create unnecessary fear, confusion and stress. Know the essential information and stick with that.

3. Be mindful of your energy field and what you put “out there” into the collective. Be aware of your thoughts, words, and actions. Make kindness and patience your norm. People are struggling mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially so have care with everyone you encounter.

Remember that everything is energy so pay attention to where and how you are directing yours. Are you uplifting, understanding, tolerant, and helpful? Or are you being divisive, judgmental, rigid, and self-focused?  

We are creating a new world, and it won’t be easy, but it is doable. Change is necessary to rebuild the systems for our world to operate in a more functional, inclusive, and unified way with less corruption, greed, and conflict. As this is unknown territory, some will struggle, and it is unclear how the struggles will manifest. But you can do your part to help at this most critical time. You can hold the Light, help steady the waters, and will inspire strength and faith for those around you. In doing this, you help make the transition smoother for all. You have impact!

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