Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement for Contributors

1. Content Submission: Contributors agree to submit original exclusive content (articles, videos, images, etc.) to WooNews TV for publication on its platforms.

2. Intellectual Property: Contributors grant WooNews TV a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, and display the submitted content in any media format for promotional and editorial purposes.

3. Ownership: Contributors retain ownership of their content and can publish it elsewhere after it posts on WooNews TV platforms.

4. Rights and Permissions: Contributors represent and warrant that they have all necessary rights, permissions, and consents to submit and publish the content.

5. Compensation (if applicable): The marketing plan includes our revenue-sharing agreements or flat fees for specific content.

6. Editorial Control: WooNews TV reserves the right to edit, modify, or reject any submitted content.

7. Copyright Infringement: Contributors agree not to submit copyrighted, defamatory, or illegal content. WooNews TV is not responsible for copyright infringement claims on the submitted content.

8. Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice. WooNews TV will remove the contributor’s content from its platforms upon termination and release rights to the contributor, subject to any prior publication commitments.


Terms of Agreement for Users

1. Acceptance of Terms: Users agree to comply with the terms of use and any specific guidelines or rules set forth by WooNews TV.

2. Content Usage: Users understand that all content on the WooNews TV platforms is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior permission from the respective rights holders.

3. User Conduct: Users agree not to engage in unlawful, abusive, defamatory, or harmful behavior on the WooNews TV platforms.

4. Data Collection and Privacy: Users consent to collecting and using their personal information, as the WooNews TV privacy policy outlines.

5. Indemnification: Users agree to indemnify and hold WooNews TV harmless from any claims, damages, or losses resulting from their use of the platforms or violation of the terms of the agreement.

6. Modifications: WooNews TV reserves the right to modify the terms of the agreement at any time. Users get notified of any significant changes.

7. Termination: WooNews TV may terminate a user’s access to the platforms for violation of the terms of the agreement.


WooNews TV Video Standards, Requirements, and Guidelines

WooNews TV dedicates to providing high-quality and engaging video content to our audience. We have established the following Video Standards, Requirements, and Guidelines for exclusive video uploads to maintain consistency and professionalism.

Video Standards:

  1. Resolution and Aspect Ratio: Videos should be HD (720p minimum) or Full HD (1080p). The aspect ratio can be 16:9 or 4:3, ensuring the content fits well on modern screens.
  2. Frame Rate: Preferred frame rates are 24, 30, or 60 frames per second (fps). Maintain a consistent frame rate throughout the video for smooth playback.

Codec and Bitrate:

Videos should be encoded using H.264 or H.265 codecs for optimal quality and compatibility. Recommended bitrate ranges from 2,500 to 8,000 kbps for 720p videos and 5,000 to 15,000 kbps for 1080p videos.

Video Requirements:

  1. Content Guidelines: Videos should align with WooNews TV’s editorial focus, which includes but is not limited to news, current events, feature stories, and interviews. Content must be factual, unbiased, and adhere to ethical journalistic standards.
  2. Copyright and Exclusive Rights: By uploading a video to WooNews TV, you confirm that you hold exclusive rights to the content. Any third-party content (images, music, clips, etc.) included in the video must be appropriately licensed and credited. WooNews TV will retain exclusive rights to the uploaded content for a specified period, as agreed upon in the contract.

Video Upload Guidelines:

  1. Uploading Process:
    1. Log in to your WooNews TV contributor account.
    2. Access the “Upload” section and follow the prompts to select your video file.
    3. Allow the platform to process and transcode the video. It may take some time, depending on the file size.
    4. Once processing is complete, review the video preview to ensure quality and accuracy.
    5. Add metadata, including title, description, tags, and relevant categories.
    6. Submit the video for editorial review.
  2. Metadata and Descriptions:
    1. Title: Create a concise and descriptive title that accurately represents the content.
    2. Description: Provide a detailed description of the video’s content, including critical points and notable features. Include relevant links, references, and credits.
    3. Tags: Use relevant keywords and tags to improve discoverability and categorization.
    4. Categories: Choose appropriate categories to help users find your video.


By adhering to these Video Standards, Requirements, and Guidelines, WooNews TV aims to maintain consistent quality, professionalism, and relevance in its exclusive video content. Your contribution is essential to our mission of delivering informative and engaging news and stories to our audience. Thank you for being a part of WooNews TV’s exclusive video uploads.