"In a time of great change, turmoil, division, and confusion, I am so excited to bring spiritual concepts to the mainstream and make them more relatable for everyone!" - Julie


What In the Woo?

WooNews aims to bring spiritual concepts mainstream in a relatable and applicable way. Guests share personal journeys of challenge, triumph, and evolution while experts share wisdom and tools to help deepen spiritual connections within the world around us.

Why do we need spirituality?

When the earth goes through major shifts, we must also undergo change. Without a spiritual practice, transformation can be quite difficult. Spiritual concepts are based on Albert Einstein’s principle that everything is energy. Whether you’re spiritual or not the core concepts are practical, effective, and universal. "God" or "Source" is the highest energy that flows through us all, though we often resist it for a multitude of reasons. The more easily we allow that energy to flow through us, the more uplifted and harmonious our lives become.


Why should we listen to Julie?

Julie Farha’s 30+ years of spiritual practice have included energy work, various meditation practices, in-depth studies of metaphysics, personal growth concepts, and above all... trusting her intuition. As an intuitive, empath, speaker, teacher, and author, Julie has helped people all over the globe in private sessions and group events. Julie's authentic insight into people's lives connects them to an accurate intuitive assessment of their circumstances. This insight creates the backbone for better decisions and actions to accelerate successful outcomes with tact and finesse both personally and professionally. She believes we are each our own guru and her intention is to provide a variety of information to assist on your journey, using your own inner guidance and choose what resonates with you.

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