Nothing Changes Until You Do

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

“Nothing changes until you do” is more than a statement — it’s a way of life. It is the solution to creating change in your life and in your world.

The premise behind this saying is that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you want to change the circumstances of your world, you need to start by changing yourself. It’s similar to Gandhi’s famous quote, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” The law of reciprocity applies here as well. You get what you give — the more you give of “X,” the more “X” you get. Exist in the flow of giving and receiving.

Let’s break it down into specific life examples.

Relationships: If you want/need more support from your mate, be more supportive towards them. If you feel you need more understanding from family members, be more understanding with their concerns. If you feel judged by others, be less judgmental yourself.

Money: If you want more money, be more generous. Give of your time, compassion, and even money, to bring the flow of money to you. Even tipping a server one extra dollar than you normally would creates this flow.

Political concerns: If you feel our leaders aren’t acting responsibly or being held to account, be more responsible and accountable in your own life. Be the change you seek. There is much pain in society. People are in crisis. It’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless. To create change, be more helpful yourself and spread that message — to neighbors, family, friends, strangers, and those in need.

It’s possible that the change you need in your life exists in the form of a negative belief or pattern. For example: if you often feel victimized, if you feel others are to blame for the happenings in your life, if self-pity is your go-to mode, then be honest about your own victim mentality. If it stems from your childhood, get to the root of the pain and heal it. Then learn how to empower yourself by taking charge of how you react and respond to the world around you. In doing so, you’ll become the author of your life. As you heal the inner victim, you will feel less like a victim in your life.

Take inventory of what you would like to change, of where you feel discord or discontent. Then, start with you. What can you do or heal to create the change that you want to see? Once you change what’s inside, the outer reflection will follow. Nothing changes until you do. What’s more empowering than knowing you have the tools to change your world?

Julie Farha is a recognized intuition expert, intuitive insight coach, speaker, corporate trainer and author. She understands the importance of intuition and instructs individuals and companies on how to apply intuitive decision-making to their everyday lives.  

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