You've Awakened… Now What?

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

You Awakened… Now What?

So, you have had an awakening. You understand that there is more to you and the world than you thought. Maybe it came gradually with little clues of… hmmmm, that reality doesn’t make sense anymore. Or, a major event made you realize that more is going on than the eyes can see. Perhaps a series of experiences of hearing, sensing, seeing, or knowing something showed you that there is far more to you than ever imagined. You have had an awakening. You are now a student of earth. Now, what do you do?

Welcome the new. You see life through a different lens, so embrace the new view. An awakening brings the bigger picture into focus more, not just the smaller picture. You start to see that we are all connected, and everything is energy. Situations will look different. People’s behavior will have a different impact. You will be more tolerant of some things and less tolerant of others. Don’t judge what you are experiencing; flow with it. As you traverse your journey, it will all make more sense.

Connect with your gifts. Waking up involves becoming more aware of who you are and your spiritual gifts. Start to explore this. Pay closer attention if you tend to have gut feelings or intuitions about something. Learn to recognize that information and follow it. 

You are likely empathic if you feel others’ sadness or physical ailments. Note changes in your physical or emotional state when around others to get familiar with your ability to feel others’ energies and emotions. Maybe you have felt the presence of people who have crossed over. Perhaps you have soothed people with your hands or your presence. All of these are just a few examples of spiritual gifts you may possess. It’s time to understand and develop your abilities!

Discover your truths. Investigate what is true for you. Don’t assume something is your truth because you have followed this belief your whole life or because most whom you know carry a particular belief. Pursue information, teachings, and concepts that call to you and disregard what doesn’t feel right. Tune in and feel what resonates with you as truth in any situation. Standing in your truth is a big part of waking up.

Use the mirror. After you wake, you can’t hide as easily from your ‘stuff”. Life is a constant reflection showing us what needs to be healed, released, and embraced. If you coil at compliments, learn to receive the love of others. Look at your relationships and note what you allow that doesn’t feel right or goes against your values. That gives you information about your sense of self-worth and possibly some inner child issues to address. 

Pay close attention to your triggers. Reacting strongly to someone or something can be a projection of unexpressed or unrecognized emotion, unhealed trauma, or an unhealthy belief. Triggers are another indicator of where the work is needed. The mirror is a gift that leads to liberation if we use it.

Appreciate beauty. Recognize the beauty in your surroundings, people, and experiences. It calms and centers you and lifts your mood, which turns up your light. Nature is the purest reflection of beauty and of the existence of God/Source/Creator. Spend time appreciating the beauty of nature, and your connection to Source will embrace you.

Your first awakening is profound and life-changing. It can also be a little confusing. But once you wake, you can’t go back to sleep. Now the work begins to open your eyes, connect with who you truly are, discover and speak your truth, and shed what no longer serves you. As you walk this journey, your connection to Source deepens, which brings more inner peace, and that’s what it’s all about!

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