You’ve Awakened… Now What?

You Awakened… Now What? So, you have had an awakening. You understand that there is more to you and the world than you thought. Maybe it came gradually with little clues of… hmmmm, that reality doesn’t make sense anymore. Or, a major event made you realize that more is going on than the eyes can […]

Your Most Important Job

A lot is changing in our world. Some changes are by choice, some by necessity, and some may be difficult to process. But it is happening, and more is on the horizon.  We already see some disruption; it’s ultimately for necessary changes, and fear can come. Change brings fear of the unknown and confusion about […]

Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

Here are some signs that you may be experiencing an awakening: We are going through a mass spiritual awakening. People are waking up to who they truly are and what matters to them. The desire to connect with Spirit, to that high vibration of Source is stronger now than ever. There is a deeper awareness […]

An Exploration of Prayer

Do you pray? If so, how do you pray? What is your intention behind it? To whom or what do you pray? If you don’t pray, why not? Does it seem pointless or meaningless? Or just something religious people do because they are supposed to follow some rules? According to the dictionary, this is the […]

3 Ways to Create Change

Are you feeling stuck, bored, or restless? Is your job unfulfilling? Are you questioning your relationship or wanting to bring one into your life? Do you want to get more serious about your health but feel unmotivated? Maybe you want something different and new in your life and aren’t sure where to begin.   Here are […]

Relationship Rescue

What’s going on in your relationship? Are you single? Are you coupled? With the shift in the earth’s frequencies now, relationships are changing. Many are struggling and even ending as what does not work, what is not aligned, is no longer sustainable. New relationships are forming as we are clearer on who we are and […]

Living In the New Normal

The past two years have brought on a new normal of change and challenges. There have been endings and new beginnings for relationships, jobs, health, freedoms, and our way of living. We have lost loved ones to death, disagreement, and conflict. Also, there is a unique layer of challenges created by information wars, manufactured division, […]

Become Self Sovereign

We are creating a new world. Yeah, I know that sounds very abstract, but it is true, and you will see evidence of it very soon. Letting go of the old and creating the new, while exciting, can be very daunting and destabilizing. Becoming self-sovereign is critical at this juncture. The definition of sovereign is “one […]


Hello everyone! If you listened to my Instagram Live last week, you know that I am on a healing journey with Ellcee Love and her @RegenrationCBD oil.  I am getting real and raw with all of you as we document my progress with her products as I go through a season in life. Through my journey, […]

The Season of Disruption

Hi friends! I have been wondering what to write as well as what to talk about in this week’s Live. I was also wondering if I should even write anything right now or even do the live this week because life has been SO chaotic with constant unexpected challenges and disruptions, adapting to the resulting […]