Thoughtful Awareness

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

Are you aware of your thoughts? It is believed that your thoughts create your reality. We are encouraged to keep thoughts positive, don’t focus on the negative and good things will happen. Is it that simple?  It seems so HARD sometimes, doesn’t it? If it were that easy and that effective, why isn’t everyone doing it? 

As someone like me who lives in their head, it is virtually impossible.  Or is it?? What I know is this: your thoughts are the one thing that you can control.  Maybe it’s the only thing.  I also know that the benefits are undeniable.  

Think about this for a minute: think about how much your thoughts affect your mood and anxiety level. I am amazed at how much it dictates my state of mind.  I didn’t get this until I started to watch my thoughts and deliberately change whatever thought I was having.  It shifted my mood almost instantly!  Now, being a heady person as I am, my thoughts would go back to the ick and so would my mood. But then I would realize how crappy I felt and remembered that I can control this and changed my thoughts again. It’s a roller coaster to be sure but worth the ride!

First, become aware of what you are thinking.  You may be surprised! Awareness is the first step to creating change.  Next, remove a negative thought and replace it with something else. Ifyou are ruminating on something, let it go or swap it with something positive or simply a different thought.  Change the words.  Say a prayer or mantra. It doesn’t matter if you believe it. For now, just say it until you start to feel better.  

If you just can’t find words, all you want is to feel better, try calling in the Light. Say in your mind “I call in the light”. Say it over and over until you start to feel lighter.  Everything is energy and the Light is the highest vibration that exists so calling it into you lifts your vibe plus it gives your mind something different to say.  See how clever that is?  So become aware of your thoughts and practice changing them.  Pay attention to your state of mind and any tension in your body to know if your thoughts are making it worse.  The more you make this a habit, the easier it will be.  You will feel better, happier, lighter and everyone around you will thank you!

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