Know What Matters

Julie Farha

Julie Farha

You know what matters to you. You know what you want, what you do, what you like. But do you ever stop and think about why? Let’s explore the journey of what matters. 

For example, say you want good health, more money, loving relationships, fulfilling work. Why do these things matter? A better quality of life, financial freedom, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose all come to mind. Recognizing what matters makes the experience richer, more fulfilling and more meaningful. It expands the enjoyment and benefits. It increases your sense of accomplishment and creates more motivation to strive for your goals and interests. You are more present because you know what is motiving your actions. 

Why does your job matter to you? Take a moment right now and ponder that. It is for the money? Because you like the work? Maybe it’s an opportunity to use your talents and skills. Perhaps it gives you a sense of purpose and pride. Maybe you like the industry or the vision of that particular company or idea.  Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, this process is helpful.   

Next, think about why you do your job in the way that you do. Is it because it is the most efficient? Because you are told to do it that way? Because of guidance from your intuition? Assess what is behind the execution of your responsibilities, if you are using your talents and abilities to the fullest extent and being as productive as possible. 

Genius is the willingness to be wrong in the pursuit of what is right. The journey of life embodies this concept. Discover why this job matters to you and why you are executing it this way. Explore this with other areas in your life as well.  It will make the experience more fulfilling, the rewards richer and will allow you to work with more efficiency while using the fullest expression of your talents and abilities, including your spiritual talents. Doesn’t that sound grand?

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